Kathleen Saves the Day

We’re going a little stir-crazy in these parts. I’m sure you can relate. Keeping two kids that are used to going on an adventure every day home all of the time has been hard. I’ve been giving them a special craft each day, but was quickly running out of options and ideas.

Today my sister rescued me. She dropped off two totes full of craft supplies and science projects (from a safe distance). There is enough to keep the kids busy for at least a week.

What have you been doing to stay busy at home?

7 thoughts on “Kathleen Saves the Day

  1. I’ve been sitting on the couch way too much.
    I saw a post in the Remrants group on Ravelry called Teaching Resources. There are lots and lots of links with things for kids of all ages. One I saw that you might get use out of is Audible has made a bunch of kids books free. Maybe your kids would enjoy have stories from the computer:) Enjoy the crafts:)

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  2. That is awesome! They look like interesting crafts and projects – the kids should enjoy those 🙂 I am doing a bunch of house stuff, knitting, and watching Lord of the Rings, including the special features. Because now I have the time 😉

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