Staying Sane with Skype

Two nights in a row of virtual knit nights with friends. It has been so nice to catch up with friends and feel somewhat normal.

I’m going to do a Skype knit night on Saturday at 7:30 PM CST. Join me to knit and hopefully add some calm to our evenings. DM me if you would like to be added to the call. You don’t have to be a knitter to join the knit night, although you might want to be one by the end of the call because knitters are super cool.

10 thoughts on “Staying Sane with Skype

  1. Awww We tried and tried to Skype with Zach today. We failed. But, we are having connection issues on the phone. Im just glad we can text and send photos ! I cannot wait for his kitten to arrive tomorrow . ! A happy joy in a troubled time

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