Long Tail Cast On Tip

I was casting on my Throughstone Cardigan this morning and watching the Bluprint class that goes along with it. I didn’t think I would learn much from the cast on video, but figured it didn’t hurt to watch. Boy, was I wrong. I discovered a great tip from the class. When using the long tail cast on to cast on a large amount of stitches (I was casting on well over 200) use two balls of yarn. Tie a slipknot using both balls of yarn, using one for the tail and one for the cast on. You have two extra ends to weave in, but you don’t end up with a really long tail or a tail so short you have to start over. I will be using this technique the next time I have to cast on a lot of stitches.

Fun fact: once I had cast on all of those stitches I realized it wouldn’t work to magic loop the neckline and I didn’t have the right size needle. If Skein Shop isn’t closed I should have a new needle later this week.

Please note that the stress of COVID-19 is not getting to Wrigley. She is still able to nap in in any position she chooses.

14 thoughts on “Long Tail Cast On Tip

  1. sayhellotoivy says:

    That is VERY smart! I’ll have to remember that the next time I cast on a huge number of stitches. But given the two sweaters I have on the needles right now it may be a while.

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  2. Oh man, I should have finished the blogs before I started casting on Orkney! It took me two tries,mane then I did cheat, but I won’t say where! There was no way my wrist was going to make it for another go, and I wanted to get three rows on so I could start the color change. Wrigley is HUGE! 😆 Max is not stressed at all, he’s sound asleep at the moment!

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