Elliot is feeling better. I can tell because his running commentary about everything he sees and thinks is back. Because he had been sick he went to John’s parents today so I could take Audrey to swim lessons and Zoo Tots. I didn’t want to risk Elliot getting the other kids sick.

Audrey and I had a great day. We started at the Y for swim lessons (for her) and a workout (for me). I can’t imagine fitting my butt in a locker to use it as a seat, but Audrey thought it was pretty comfortable.

After the Y we went to Zoo Tots. This week the theme was “See You Later Alligator.” They had a lot of fun with the theme. They made a pickle alligator snack.

They got to pet an alligator.

By the end of the day, Audrey and I were pretty tired, and Elliot was ready to be back with us. I still haven’t had much time to knit, or begin to think about writing my February reads post. I’m about to head to bed early to read. See you later, alligator.

18 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. That sounds like such a fun day! Petting the alligator had to be awesome, and I love the pickle alligator snack 🙂 How neat for you and Audrey to have a girl’s day together, and glad Elliott is feeling better!

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