FO Friday

This week I was able to finish a project. I made two Winter Walk hats. I made one for myself last month, but I ended up giving it to Jess when we went to brunch. I knew I wanted to make myself another Winter Walk, because I love the hat. I realized I had the yarn and the poms to make two more that match the hat I gave to Jess. I decided to knit two more Winter Walks so that Ivy and I can match Jess when we go to brunch later this month.

Do you ever give your knits away randomly? I often give away hats or cowls I’m wearing if a friend likes it. I know I can make another one. Jess is the same way, which is how I got my favorite mittens.

28 thoughts on “FO Friday

      1. Well then don’t be surprised if I bring you something too! I’d definitely hand over a hat or a cowl, but maybe not a shawl–those take too long for me to just give to most people.

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      1. AJ says:

        Yes! And I’m the same as you- figure I can always make myself another one. Your daughter will love matching you. I still remember matching my mom when I was little

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  1. They’re prettyyy! I’ve only spontaneously given away a make once (so far), and it gave me a kind of lightbulb moment – it had honestly never occurred to me to just give something away like that. I’ll definitely be doing it again.

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