February Blanket Progress

Audrey had a few requests for this blanket. She wanted a checkerboard look. I am happy to comply, because it decreases the amount of decisions to be made in this blanket (I’m telling you The Happiness Lab is changing how I look at things. Check out that podcast). She also requested sparkly yarn. I will be running out of black yarn in a week or two, but I’m dreaming of making it until the end of the month when I go to Fiberpalooza (It is a magical day), I hope to find a skein of sparkly black yarn at Fiberpalooza to use for every other square. I would prefer to go with a local dyer, but if you know of a dyer with solid or tonal black sparkly yarn please let me know.

Ivy and I are planning on doing another virtual knit night, this time with planning and participants. If you would like to join a Skype meeting to knit with us, please let me know the days and times that would be best. I will schedule this one at least two weeks in advance, so hopefully we can make it a smoother process.

14 thoughts on “February Blanket Progress

  1. AJ says:

    I love your blanket and the fact that Ivy has firm ideas of what she wants:)
    I want to do a virtual knit night. The only night I definitely can’t do is Tuesday night:)

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