A Good Cry

It was so fracking cold today. My kids have bad colds and haven’t been sleeping. I’m the kind of tired that comes with a pre-cold. Instead of taking the kids to swim lessons and a class at the zoo I opted to stay home today. We watched too much TV (mostly Jim Zim’s model trains or Japanese train unboxing videos. Oh how I wish I were joking). Luckily I was able to get out of the house tonight.

Today is Galentine’s Day, a holiday created by one of my favorite fictional TV characters of all time, Leslie Knope. One of our local theaters had a celebration, and I went with my friend/cousin Deirdre.

We were handed a glass of champagne on our way into view Steel Magnolias. I laughed. I donkey cried. I wore knitwear. I had a wonderful time.

I hope you had a great Galentine’s Day. If you weren’t able to get out to a movie with a friend, I hope you were at least able to enjoy a waffle. If you are not a Parks & Rec fan you are really going to question this entire paragraph.

WIP Wednesday

I don’t have much to show today. I finished John’s socks last night about a half hour before I went to bed. I cast on a Midas hat for one of my nieces. She is an incredible woman and activist. She has been wearing an acrylic beanie. I want her to have something more meaningful, so I’m making her hat out of wool from a farm in Minnesota that is dyed by a woman in South Dakota. Both businesses are owned by women. It is unknown if Dalai, the sheep the wool is from, is a woman.

There isn’t much hat at this point, but Wrigley consented to model it.

The high tomorrow is only 9. I might be casting on mittens and staying home all day.


I finished John’s socks. I liked working with the tiny sock needle, as it seemed to speed up the knitting. I switched back to magic loop for the toe. The part of the sock that I knit with the tiny needle is bigger than the rest of the sock. The needles are US 1s, according to the packaging, but according to my needle gauge they are US 1.5s. I’ll still use them, but in the future I’m more likely to use them for ribbed socks.

Sock It To Me Monday

I’m passed the gusset on John’s second sock. I feel like there might be an ending to this project at some point.

Things are moving a bit faster since I switched to my new Addi Easy Knit 10 inch. I know it is risky to change needles in the middle of a project, even if they are the same size, but I couldn’t resist the temptation.

I’m attempting to hold off casting on a new project until I finish these socks, but I can’t promise anything.

How are your socks looking?

Sunday Joy

I had a really great day today. It was almost sunny here. It was almost 40 degrees here. It was the kind of day where you let yourself believe that spring is on its way. I felt the darkness of January leave my mood as I walked in the sunshine.

I met a friend for tea this morning. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of months, so we filled each other in on our lives. She keeps me up to date on the goings on at my old job. I managed not to talk too much about how much I miss fructose. Every time someone tells me about a recipe I need to try it has fructose in it.

This afternoon I finished up my Winter Walk hat. This hat ticked off a lot of boxes for me. It has a fun cable. It used stash yarn. It was fast. It will keep my head warm. It allows me to wear a huge faux fur pom-pom.

Tonight Ivy came over for some knitting time. It is always good to catch up with her, even though we were both thrown off knitting together on a Sunday night instead of a Saturday night. She gave me a birthday present, a new notions pouch. I love it. A person can never have too many notions pouches (well, I suppose they can if they don’t knit). I will be filling it with notions and using it throughout baseball season.

Did you have a relaxing Sunday?

Sweater Weather

Tonight I went with my friends Sarah and Sarah to see Lisa Lampanelli’s show Losing It. After the show we headed to a new bar in town, The Bartender’s Handshake, to have a cocktail. This is a bar with fancy drinks, so I thought I would have a hard time choosing. Then I got to the Sweater Weather Spritz.

As a knitter and a drinker (the social kind, not the problematic kind), I feel like it is my duty to try any cocktail that could possibly be considered knitting related. I am happy to report that this was a pretty tasty drink. The garnish smelled wonderful.

Have you ever had a knitting related beverage?