Virtual Knit Night

Dear Blogville,

Ivy and I are getting together to knit this weekend. She comes over for wine, cheese, and knitting a couple of times a month. If you’ve been visiting my blog for awhile you probably already know about this.

This week we’ve decided to change it up. This Saturday at 7:30 PM CST (Chicago time, if you want to easily google it) we are inviting you to join us. We will have a Skype call open for anyone to join us. If you want to join us for knit night drop me a message on Raverly or Instagram and let me know. I’ll need your phone number or e mail to send you a link that night.

I hope you will join us for some knitting and chatting. Please join us from the comfort of your home with the beverage of your choice. We are a delight. Trust me.

We are not always this fancy.

24 thoughts on “Virtual Knit Night

      1. It’s audio and video. You don’t need Skype if you are using a computer, you can just log in as a guest on the web. If you are using a phone you will need to create an account. I should have done more research, but I was so excited I just threw it out there.


  1. Ivy Sprague says:

    I am so excited for this, and to meet all your knitting/blogging friends. The corporate communicator in me wants to put together talking points. I will try to keep it casual.

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