Toasty Mittens

I finished my Dreyma mittens today. They might look familiar, as I made a nearly identical pair for my sister for Christmas. I made one change when knitting my mittens, I added an inch to the cuff. I want my wrists to stay nice and toasty.

These mittens are knit out of Ístex Léttlopi on US 4 needles, so they should be incredibly warm. I hope I don’t have to use them until next year, but I live in Iowa and it is February, so I’ll probably need them soon.

I hope you are working on a project you enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Toasty Mittens

  1. Your mittens are excellent! I like a longer cuff too. There is nothing worse than reaching for something and getting that blast of cold when your skin is exposed.
    I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop weather wise. We have had less snow and warmer temperatures for the most part all winter. March can be our snowiest month. I’d like an early spring. One of our maple trees is already budded so maybe we will get that early spring.

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