I Didn’t Even Go to the Yarn Store

Yesterday I had a really great day. It was full of surprises and fun.

John is still suffering from his man cold. I wanted him to get some sleep (and to get the heck away from a pouty man with the same cold I have), so I packed up the kids and went to visit my cousin. I figured the kids could jump on her couches (she encourages this) and I could talk to her for a little bit.

The most incredible thing happened. The kids were entertained for 2 hours. Really entertained. They played. They watched train videos on YouTube. I was able to sit and knit and chat with my cousin. The kids are getting so big! I hate how fast they are growing, but I do like that it is possible to go somewhere and actually enjoy myself.

Not only did I get to relax, she let me raid her stash for slipper yarn. I’ve worn through my French Press Slippers and need to make a new pair. I’m going to make Women’s Felted Slippers, which I saw on another blog (Marilee? Alissa?). She only had single skeins, but I’m going to make it work. She also gave me some fabric clips that I’m excited to try when sewing as well as when seaming knits.

When I got home I discovered the cutest fox enamel pin from Bonny in the mail. It is adorable. I love foxes. John and I got married in a park, and at the end of the ceremony a fox walked by. I quickly added the pin to my collection. I am so thankful to have made such a good friend through blogging. This community is so great.

I had such a great day yesterday. It was like I went yarn shopping, but instead had a relaxing day with family and a note and present from a friend to brighten my day. I am so thankful for the life I get to lead.

19 thoughts on “I Didn’t Even Go to the Yarn Store

  1. What a lovely day and some lovely goodies. The fox pin is very cute. At my parents’ house they used to have a family of foxes living under a shed and the cubs would play with our dogs toys in the early morning and we’d watch them whilst having our breakfast before heading off too school. Our current dog is very fox like.

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  2. What a great day! The fox pin is so cute 🙂 And that is some beautiful yarn for felting – it all goes together so well! That must have been on Alyssa’s blog – I have been making slippers from a different pattern. But that one looks pretty nifty. I might give it a try next time I need slippers!

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  3. Hooray for you! How nice to give Daddy the day off. How great that your kids played nicely!!! Those ordinary day photos are my favorites now that mine are grown. I have photos of them sitting on the wash machine watching the load spin!

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  4. What a fun post! I absolutely love the back bend on the sofa. Kids neeeeed to get their ya-yas out! I have two boys and we watched train videos, read every train book ever published and played with Brio trains by the hour.

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      1. We took the boys to Lancaster County in PA to see the train museum as well as the miniature train museum. Tons of fun!! We took a train ride in an open car through the Pennsylvania countryside. The boys were in heaven!

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  5. As cute as the kids are when they’re little, I found it so wonderful as they grew into interesting people who could entertain themselves and take care of themselves a little more and later even have conversations! I’m a much better parent of older kids than I was of babies and toddlers. So glad you had a good day!

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