At Least I Finished A Hat

I’ve had an annoying 24 hours. I’m now going to complain about some first world problems. You have been warned.

I’m addicted to my FitBit Versa. I wear it every day. I am on month 14 of getting 10,000 steps every day. My FitBit died yesterday. I have spent the last 24 hours looking at my wrist to check the time, only to realize my FitBit is gone. I know what I need to do to get my steps in, so I know I haven’t broken my streak. But the FirBit app doesn’t know that, so when I look at the last 12 months it is going to be an annoying blip. I also find it harder to stay motivated on the track when I can’t see how far I’ve gone. I bought a new Versa today, and I feel so relieved to have my FitBit back.

We were on the run all day. Swim Lessons in the morning. An emergency trip to Costco for my FitBit. Zoo Tots in the afternoon. I didn’t bother with a handbag and put my credit card and license in my pocket. They vacated my pocket at some point at the zoo. I’m now without a license or credit card. I would like to on-line shop my frustrations away, but I’m not going to buy anything if I don’t get Costco cash back.

So other than that it has been a fine 24 hours. I finished my Linnea Hat. I think I would like a mohair cardigan, but this hat isn’t for me. It is too sparkly. Luckily Audrey is 5, so she thinks the hat is awesome.

If you are thinking about trying out a hat to see if you would like mohair, I do not recommend this pattern. The pattern calls for a beaded rib brim, which is a four stitch repeat. The pattern also has you cast on 90 stitches. That doesn’t make sense (88 or 92 stitches would make sense). I started with the beaded rib but gave up and switched to a 1×1 rib after about 8 rounds because you can’t really see the detail in mohair and it was annoying to knit. The brim is started with a provisional cast on and folded under to make a thick brim, so the different rib is on the inside of the hat.

At Zoo Tots today the animal they brought in for the kids to have a close encounter with was a fox. Usually they get to pet the animals, but not today. I would have loved to have pet that fluffy fox.

I really have a great life. My only complaints are having a fitness tracker die and losing some things that I can replace. Also it is really cool to be that close to a fox.

21 thoughts on “At Least I Finished A Hat

  1. I love that hat! I know the feeling of missing your fitbit. I felt the same way when mine died. Santa left a new one under the tree this past Christmas. I didn’t know how much I missed those little reminders that I am close to reaching my goals.

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  2. sayhellotoivy says:

    Oh, that stinks about your license and card! If you need line avoidance tips for the DOT (or somewhere to come drink wine after your wait) hit me up. Love you!

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    1. Thank you! I was going to text you to meet at Centro after I went to the DOT kiosk at the library to get a new license, but they found mine in the zoo parking lot! We should still drink wine though.


      1. My husband and son drove over (about 30 minutes each way but through Boston so unpredictable traffic) and got the AirPod this afternoon. My husband said he was in the lost and found room and couldn’t believe what they had: lots of running spikes, a ton of clothes and a racing wheelchair. How does someone forget that??

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      1. I sent my son and husband back to the facility where they spoke to the supervisor who took them into the lost and found storage room. My husband could not believe how full the room was. There was everything from track shoes to clothes to a racing wheelchair. He got his (actually his!) AirPod back. But of course no credit to the person who sent them. Maybe he’ll have learned the lesson though.


  3. IT is really really important, in may personal opinion, I have no data…..
    for moms of young kids to vent. There were bad days with my two when they were very young. I yelled a lot. Sometimes they cried. I was on shift for 24 hours while my husband was at the firehouse. Some days I was so so glad to go to work while he watched his kids. That hat is awesome for a kid. I find hats so irritating with size that I try hard to knit top down only.
    You are normal. Our lives with credit card issues get so crazy ! I know! Im sorry. Sending you big hugs.
    I loved a fox my father had stuffed. We called him Reggie. I know its weird. it is the ONE thing Wanted after he died. My sister who is not cooperating with me, i hear, gave it to her son to give to some friend in California. Im very tempted to try to get it back.

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    1. I think you should try to get it back. Sentamental things are worth searching out. I feel like I vent a lot. I’m so lucky to have the Y to drop the kids off at the Learn and Play center to get looked after while I work out. I have started showering there too so I get more time to sit and knit in the evenings.


  4. Losing your driver’s license and CC is really stressful, as is having your Fitbit die on you! I’m glad you were able to replace your fitness tracker pretty quickly, and I hope getting your cards replaced goes smoothly! It is really cool to be that close to a fox – they are so beautiful 🙂


  5. I’m glad I’m reading this later so that I already know the happy ending! This must have been a really annoying day for you. Personally, I think the hat is adorable but I’d never be able to wear it. As much as I love knitting with mohair, I can’t wear it against my skin. 😦


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