WIP Wednesday

I’m still dealing with a household full of sick, so I haven’t had the energy to knit anything that involves brain power this week. I’m working on the mohair hat and a pair of mittens. The projects are opposites, one has sparkly mohair, one has rustic wool. The mittens will probably get used a lot more.

What are you working on this week?

13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I thought for a second you were using Lopi with mohair, which together would be warm enough for an arctic expedition. Now I realise the Lopi is the gloves, which will be perfect. I have caked my yarns for my big brioche project, but think I’m going to try a test with some waste yarn first….as I’m still nervous.

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  2. I cast on for a scrappy throw that I really intend to work on for quite some time-no deadline. I am also working on a lace blanket KAL where new squares are released every two weeks. Again, a long term project which will conclude around August. My friend and I are going to do a Love Note with another colleague; I should swatch for that this week. I love the yarn choice for your mittens!! Cozy.

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