Today was very busy. Snow was melting. The sun was shining. Sundays the past few weeks have been hitting it out of the park when it comes to joy.

I had brunch with two dear friends to celebrate birthdays. We’ve been friends for over a decade, which means we have been through all sorts of changes together. One thing that hasn’t changed? Our love of knitting. Also our love of brunch.

Ivy gave Jess and I new enamel pins. I adore enamel pins. The yarn ball snowflake from Ivy is a new favorite of mine.

After brunch I headed out on a hike with JoAnna. After a short loop in our usual spot we decided to change locations because the trail was covered with ice. We headed to a city park that we thought would be clear. We were wrong. The path is 3.2 miles long, of which about 2.5 miles was covered in ice. Even with the ice it was great to get a hike in and catch up with a friend. Neither of us slipped, which was shocking.

I am so happy that winter is loosening its grip. I love being able to enjoy the outdoors in fewer layers.

Did you have a good Sunday?

12 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. That is a great pin! You had a fantastic Sunday:) I spent 4 hours at a track meet. It was good but the seating is incredibly uncomfortable and my back is aching. My son’s 4X400 team came in 3rd and made the all state meet. Another 4 hour meet Saturday. I hope my back can take it;)

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      1. There was standing but I didn’t care until there was something I wanted to see:) The most annoying person was the guy who shoved in next to me at the end. He was really tall (6,3” maybe) and he proceeded to clap and yell. I am 5’1”. Clapping was right in my ear. I pushed my husband over to gain some space. I know people get excited and don’t think but he noticed I nearly jumped out of my skin and he just kept at it. Next week will be better since there is only one event my son will do and I can relax for the rest. Of course his event is the last one.


  2. Sundays for me are always filled with Mass, family and food. My husband is a CPA with his own business, but he will not work on Sundays, even during tax season! He won’t allow his staff to work either. Wanna know what makes Sundays even more special? A holiday on Monday!!!

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