WIP Wednesday

I don’t have much to show today. I finished John’s socks last night about a half hour before I went to bed. I cast on a Midas hat for one of my nieces. She is an incredible woman and activist. She has been wearing an acrylic beanie. I want her to have something more meaningful, so I’m making her hat out of wool from a farm in Minnesota that is dyed by a woman in South Dakota. Both businesses are owned by women. It is unknown if Dalai, the sheep the wool is from, is a woman.

There isn’t much hat at this point, but Wrigley consented to model it.

The high tomorrow is only 9. I might be casting on mittens and staying home all day.

20 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Awww he looks so obedient. Cold settling in here tomorrow as well. Hope the barn classes are not cancelled, but really some of our students can’t come in the severe weather. They are wheelchair bound and it is tough enough on them to just get out in good weather!

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  2. Wrigley is such a sweet heart to model for you. My 2 would run under a bed if I tried that LOL. Stay warm. Your temp of 9 reminds me of why we moved from PA to AZ! 68F here today………….but then I will be griping come summer.

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