WIP Wednesday

My socks have been neglected. I haven’t been knitting on the go this week, so the only time I’ve worked on them is when my brain is off but my fingers are itching to knit. I’m sure I would be making more progress on them if they were for me.

My brioche cowl is coming right along. Brioche knitting is like brioche bread for me – I don’t indulge often, but when I do I can’t stop grabbing it. I have a couple of inches to go and then I’ll bind off. It remains to be seen if I will actually work on the sock or cast on a hat to top with a huge faux fur pom pom when I’m done with this. The veregated yarn (from the lovely Kathy) is working up as self striping, which was a surprise and delight.

Is your knitting surprising you this week?

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. My knitting always surprises me. I started a Mystery Lace Blanket KAL. We have only received directions for one block. I cast on these same 66 stitches at least 5 times. I was ready to quit when it finally clicked. I can’t figure out what I was doing wrong; it is a simple enough pattern..Now I am cruising as if I never had a problem. What the h*ck! I love that you mention the brioche bread; it is one of my favorites. Be well, friend. xoxo Regina

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