February Cast On 

My scheduled February Cast On is the Training Wheels cowl. I chose this pattern because I want more practice with the brioche stitch. I cast on my February project yesterday. I tried to cast it on twice on Saturday, but had to rip it out both times. I think brioche is something I will need to watch a video tutorial for each time I start a project.

The pretty pink and brown yarn is from Kathy and the gray yarn is from a Garden Wool & Dye Christmas exchange. I think this cowl will be incredibly squishy.

How are you doing with your knitting plans?

21 thoughts on “February Cast On 

  1. Your cowl is off to a great start! That is beautiful yarn – it is going to look wonderful and be so squishy and warm! I always have to watch a video to get started too. Maybe one day I will have done it enough that it’ll just happen. But today is not that day!


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