Come From Away

Dear Blogville,

Until tonight, if someone were to describe a Broadway show to me as “A musical about planes diverted to Newfoundland on 9/11” I would have thought they were making it up. I certainly wouldn’t think it would become one of my top three musicals of all time. Yet here we are.

I went to Come From Away with Kathleen tonight. We were both blown away. The music is wonderful. The story is great. I cared about the characters. I now want to visit Gander, Newfoundland. If Come From Away comes to your town, you should go see it.



15 thoughts on “Come From Away

  1. How nice to hear this! The show is “coming to a theater near me” this fall, and I can’t wait to see it. As someone who lived in NY and witnessed the attacks on the World Trade Center first hand, I’m sure seeing this show will be a poignant event.

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  2. Jessica Clough says:

    I debated going to this but decided to save $. But after I saw this yesterday, I also happened upon a lady selling them on FB marketplace. When I met her to get the tickets she wouldn’t let me pay for them. Between that and the INCREDIBLE show (that fiddle…), I’m feeling pretty good about humanity.

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