Like a Drunken Trip to Hobby Lobby

Yesterday afternoon I met up with one of my book clubs. After our meeting my sister, who is also in that book club, told me that she had a bag of craft things for me to take a look at. She said I could take what I wanted and donate the rest. She was setting low expectations. She gave me a treasure trove of kid craft goodness. I told her it was like I went to Hobby Lobby drunk and came home with all sorts of things.

Do you have any crafts you loved to do with preschoolers? I’m open to any ideas. The kids love crafts, and have come to expect a craft at least once a day. I’m running out of ideas.

19 thoughts on “Like a Drunken Trip to Hobby Lobby

  1. Did you check out my blog for Weaving Workshop lesson 3? This craft is suitable for ages 7 and up. I also have a lot of curricula from my Fiber Arts program that I can share. I developed it for home school kids.

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  2. Believe it or not, there was a time when I had no car, no money and two babies at home. I baked bread every other day. My boys would walk away from Thomas the Tank Engine (their favorite show) and join me in the kitchen. They loved punching down and kneading the dough. Fortunately, the more you do this process, the better the bread, so it was win-win!! I was never crafty with them. With boys, we were outside ALL. THE. TIME! That suited my much better. Again, win-win.

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  3. What if you made little puppets by decorating the popsicle sticks? Or you could use old socks and use the google eyes, pompoms, etc to do sock puppets! Then it’s not just making the craft but they can be entertained by what they make after

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