I’ve bought a couple of knitting related things lately that I thought I would share with you. They are all things that I think are cool, so I think you should know about them.

Fringe Association has a sale on their knitmoji enamel pins. I fell hard for the sheep with heart eyes and the crying frog. I added them to my small pin collection on my knitting bag. I never wear my pins, butI do look at them a lot and think about how much I like them.

After learning how to bead I had a new appreciation for Hannah at the Corner of Craft. I stalked in January progress keeper club sign ups and was able to get a spot. It was a ball of yarn, and I love it.

I’ve finally fallen for big faux fur pom poms. I blame this fully on Grocery Girls Knit. I went to Etsy to find a pom for the Winter Walk hat, then things got out of hand. I found Naptime Knitter Designs, which has free shipping when you spend $35. Of course I wanted free shipping. The shop owner included a thank you note and a free pom pom with my order. I’m a sucker for a thank you note. I love these poms. The quality appears to be the same as the ones in my LYS. They have yarn to tie them inside of the hat, so I can remove them to wash the hat and I don’t have to sew a snap on. I will be buying from her again. I will also be knitting a lot of hats before I need to buy more from her. If you like poms you should check her out, these are affordable and nice. I spent less than $40 and got all of these.

In sad news, I just found out that the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival is no more. I loved that festival.

Have a great Sunday, Blogville.

23 thoughts on “Accessories

  1. That’s so funny, I went looking for a UK faux fur Pompom maker not long ago, as the Grocery Girls had be envying theirs. I finally found one Etsy but she doesn’t have the colour I’m after yet, so I’ll wait and see. That is a very cute stitch-marker, so clever the 2 tones make it look like a proper wound ball of wall. A cute set of pins too, my favourite is the sheep with heart eyes.

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  2. You have some great finds! The pins are all nifty – so many people are making them now in so many nifty design 🙂 Are you thinking about putting them on a bag? The progress marker is very cute! So sorry to hear your sheep & wool festival is discontinued! Are there others near you that you can get to?

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    1. The pins are on a bag now, but I feel like they could be damaging the structural integrity of the bag (it is a jute woven bag). I’m going on a girls trip to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival this year, so that is helping the sting of the closing of my festival.

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      1. That sounds like a fun trip! I look forward to hearing your opinion on it! DH and I are thinking about moving to Wisconsin at some point in the future. And I won’t lie – the fact there’s a sheep and wool show, and also the Madison WI knitter’s guild is supposed to be pretty amazing are big factors for me 🙂

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  3. First up: beautiful photos. Beautiful knitting my friend. I don’t wear pins much but the crying frog is amazing. So sorry the festival is closing. I sure hope ours does not . The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool fest is very fun. I guess we’ll have to meet at Rhinebeck someday

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  4. When you first posted about the rainbow yarn sheep, I went over to the website and helped myself to lots of enamel pins, including the same one! Most of them were gifted though. I’m still skeptical about fur pompoms.

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