4 Awesome Things About Today

Today was crazy busy. The kind of busy that is generally reserved for summer, when everyone is excited to be outside and it isn’t dark all of the time and the world isn’t covered in snow. Four really nice things happened today, and I’ve decided to tell you about them (and not just because upon reflection yesterday’s post was a tad cryptic).

1. I took a long walk alone. I went out and walked for an hour or so and cleared my head. It felt amazing.

2. John built a sledding hill/fox den for the kids in the backyard. We have a flat yard. He built a tall hill so the kids can sled. The kids are happier when they play outside. I’m happier when they play outside too.

3. We took the kids to the circus. The Shrine Circus is in town. Ivy’s dad is a Shriner and was kind enough to send us tickets. Audrey was enthralled. Elliot was excited until he got too tired. It was fun to see them see them take it all in. There was an act that involved camels, so Elliot was happy. Audrey got to meet a unicorn, which thrilled her and confused her (why do they say it is real? Unicorns are imaginary.) John and I were uncomfortable with the tiger act, and the kids were not impressed. Both kids told us the tigers weren’t even mean to the lady. Apparently to be a good large cat act you need to attack the trainer.

4. Ivy came over to knit tonight. I cannot explain how much I needed that. Knitting. Talking. Wine. Cheese. These are exactly what I needed. I’m so lucky to have a friend like her.

Next week will be a good week. I can feel it. I think February is going to be a good month for Blogville. Can you feel it too?

22 thoughts on “4 Awesome Things About Today

  1. Wow that snow den/hill looks really cool. We have a slope on our drive that would be perfect for sledging down…if it would flippin’ snow! I haven’t been to the circus for many many years, but here (Scotland) wild animals were banned in 2018, England follows suit this year. I used to love watching the trapeze people and me doing all the ooh and aah when it looked like they’d fall.

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    1. I wish we would ban wild animals, but we are slow and pigheaded when it comes to accepting that things are not right and need to change. I hope you get some snow soon. A day playing in the snow can help everyone. The trapeze people fell three times, which took away from it this time. I do love watching the trapeze, when I was a kid I wanted to do it.

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  2. Great snow/playground! If it remains cold, I see hours of fun ahead! I am glad to be nearly out of January, it was a good month, but I hate the dark days of deep winter, and February is so much better that way!

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  3. What a great Dad:) Your kids will remember this hill forever.
    I have such mixed feelings about the circus. It’s good to know that the animals are smart but really how they teach the tricks isn’t good. At least at a zoo the animals are mostly left to their own devices even if they seem dull and lazy. But I know of no other way to make kids appreciate wild animals.
    Here’s to a fantastic February for Blogville!

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  4. That sounds like just a wonderful day! Knit night, fun in the snow, the circus… all awesome! So glad you had a good day 🙂
    On another note, I got the stitch markers you sent – THANK YOU!!! They are lovely 🙂 You did such an amazing job with the snowflake, and with all of them! And they got here on a day when I really needed a little cheering up, too.

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