The past two days have been hard. Several things have happened that have just worn me down. Reading other blogs this week made me realize I’m not alone in my late January blues. I appreciate you all.

Karen posted a Self-Care Quiz over on her blog, and I thought I would answer it on my blog. Feel free to chime in via comments or on your blog. It is a short quiz that is good for reflection.

  • Do you practice self-care? Is it a term you use or is it a foreign concept?
  • How do you practice self-care in a physical way? Do you put make up on or get your hair done? Maybe get a massage? Go for a run?
  • How do you practice self-care in a mental way? Do you meditate? Do you pray? Do you sit quietly and empty your mind?
  • Do you consider time alone to be self-care? Or time with family? Or time with friends?

I do practice self-care, but I rarely use the term. I generally call it “me time” and involves time spent doing what I want.

I practice self-care in a physical way by walking at least 10,000 steps every day. I also make time to get in the woods to hike at least a few times a month. I do not put on make up or get my hair done, as that is not relaxing to me.

I practice self-care in a mental way by knitting at least a little bit every day. I feel better when I meditate, but that is something that I easily fall out of the habit of and forget to do. I journal a bit each night, and on perfect days I spend time in bed putting my thoughts together in the morning before I roll out of bed.

I consider time alone to be self-care. I spend Sunday mornings watching podcasts and drinking coffee alone in my room and it is f*cking magical. Time with my friends is also self-care: knitting with Ivy, walking with Jess, Hiking with JoAnna, camping with Kirsten, going fabric shopping with Claire, etc. Spending time with my friends is a lot like therapy, if I am spending one on one time with them. If I’m with more of them it is still a great time, but is not as therapeutic for me.

I would love to hear your thoughts on self-care.

20 thoughts on “Self-Care

  1. Excellent ways to take care of yourself:) Time to gather thoughts is a great way for a quick reset.
    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with stuff. It’s really hard to just make it through when things aren’t going well. To be honest my life has been a never ending shit sandwich for a while. Know you are not alone and I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you.

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  2. Self care was a foreign word when my kids were little, but it usually showed up in spurts where I retreated to the basement and my sewing machine, which at the time was not appreciated! However, things have changed, and I find that walking, daily Bible reading, and being in my sewing room or on the piano doing my thing is a much needed part of my day. I hope your weekend is great! Mine started out great on Friday, when your lovely card and goodies arrived in the mail. I am so touched by those musical stitch markers, they are just sweet, and the snowflake is just amazing, those beads are soooo tiny! Thanks you so much! XOXO

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  3. I am finding I need more alone time these days. I fell off the journaling wagon. I need to get back on. I also need to walk more. I have been wondering if my January struggles were in the stars and everyone was feeling them. It felt bigger than me.

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  4. I am grateful for you and hope you get past your blues soon. Time alone and time knitting are necessities for me. Honestly, I think my blog is self-care for me too; I just realized that. It’s basically like my journaling. Anyway, take care of yourself! ❤

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  5. I’ve been thinking about Karen’s post since she asked these questions, one minute I think 99% of my life is self care because I quit working because I broke down with stress and anxiety and now spend my days doing whatever I want. Then the next minute I think, but I haven’t bothered getting my haircut since last March, I don’t dye it any more, I’ve gained about 11lb since quitting work and barely exercise or eat well, so do I self care at all! I’ve been watching the latest series of Grace and Frankie and even ignoring the facial plastic surgery Jane Fonda looks fabulous, great figure, great posture and has more life in her than I do and she’s 80something! It’s an interesting set of questions Karen has raised and I’ll be doing more thinking about it.

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    1. Oh my gosh, I feel like that too. I left work to stay home with the kids, but it isn’t like I have to put on real pants or be all businessey now. I get to set the schedule. I get to mostly do what I want, but other than walking and knitting I’m not really making myself better. Your comment was a bit of a wake up comment for me. Thank you. I’ll be doing more thinking too.

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