Baby Shower Day

Today I went to Mary-Claire’s baby shower. It was great to see her, meet some of her friends, and catch up with family and friends. We are all so excited to meet her baby.

For her shower I made her a blanket like Audrey’s favorite blanket. It is the easiest blanket to make – you just serge the edges. I had Audrey and Elliot each pick out a knit fabric, bought enough to make a square blanket, and stitched them together. It is a great weight, perfect for cool nights. I’m thinking about making one for me for nights that I want a blanket but I don’t need a heavy blanket.

For her gift I filled a bucket of things I didn’t know I needed until I became a mom. I bought OxiClean and a bucket, because I use those things every week. I gave her packing tape, which I use to fix books and put over speakers on toys to quiet them down. I picked up some boogie wipes, which I thought were ridiculous until I tried them and now I’m a believer. I added a container of wipes, because we’re going to bring her a case of wipes but didn’t want her to have to haul them back to Chicago with all of her other presents. I bought kitchen shears for her diaper bag, because they are magic when you are trying to feed a baby away from home and you need to cut up the food into tiny bites. Audrey picked out a unicorn rubber duck, as she is having a bit of a unicorn moment.

We had a great day celebrating Mary-Claire.

12 thoughts on “Baby Shower Day

  1. I’m out of practice on the baby shower end of things, so you are now my official shopping consultant! This was such a practical gift, but with those wonderful personal touches. I love that you had the kids pick out fabric!

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    1. I saw another mom using them to cut up pizza at Costco. I couldn’t stop staring. She told me it took until her third kid to figure it out and they sell them at the dollar store. It is my one piece of baby advice now.

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  2. Love your photo with your daughter. Love her sweater. Your baby gift bucket is a great idea. I loved getting those things from people who gave them so much thought. My mom gave diapers. Always diapers. Now I do too. It seems like they cost so much! I try to give a knit too , of course. My last big knit baby gift was the zippered sweater with the hat attached for last year April shower for my friend

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    1. Diapers are a great present! I like giving hand knits too. I’ve made this baby several sweaters, so I decided she didn’t need one for the shower. Now I’m thinking about matchign mommy baby socks because my sister loves handknit socks. I made Audrey’s sweater, and it is one of my favorites. It is an alpaca wool blend.


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