WIP Wednesday

I’ve decided to start casting on with wild abandon. I still have three pairs of mittens I will be casting on and finishing before Christmas. I’m highly motivated to get all of the knitting done.

I’ve knit 3 or 4 rows on my cardigan this week. I really like the cardigan, and I think I’ll wear it a lot. I just don’t feel like knitting it right now (hence, casting on all the projects). My goal is to have this sweater done by Christmas.

My socks are moving right along. I’m on the gusset of the second sock. I hope to finish these this week. Once I cast them off I’ll cast on a pair of socks for John. I probably won’t work on them until after Christmas, but it is always a good idea to have socks on the needles.

I started a Double Rib Toddler Hat for Mary-Claire’s baby. I love this hat because it actually stayed on my kids heads. I do not love the join on these needles, so I will probably be putting off working on this.

I’m having a hard time not working on the Sockhead Cowl that I started yesterday. I’m surprised by how purple it is, I was really expecting more blue. When I finish my socks this will probably become my grab and go project.

I’m also working in my Darwinian Evolution cowl. This is really fun to knit because you see the pattern evolve. It is like knitting a self striping sock. I should keep this in my car as emergency knitting, but I will probably keep it in my knitting basket because I really like looking at it.

I hope to finish at least one project this week. I also hope to get two pairs of mittens cast on. I have so much knitting I want to do, but first I must finish project bags for the Weekender finishers.

I hope you have a great week and finish all of your WIPs.

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