Vacation Yarn Doesn’t Count

I spent the weekend visiting my cousin in Lawrence, KS. In addition to entertaining four kids, going to parades, and exploring the fabric shop of my dreams, I was able to pick up some yarn. I chose to ignore my yarn diet rules and picked up some yarn that I’m not counting against my earned yarn.

At The Yarn Barn I found a skein of yarn from Feederbrook Farm that came with a pattern. The yarn knits up into a pattern similar to argyle when knit into a scarf or cowl. I have no need for a scarf or a cowl, but the yarn facinates me, it is BFL, and the pattern name is Darwinian Evolution (I love a good pattern name).

At the farmers market I stumbled upon Pinwheel Farm, where a sheperdess sat spinning wool into yarn. I stopped to talk to her about her flock, and she went into great detail about her sheep. The primary breed started out as CVM, but she bred into the stock other breeds that are better for the climate of Kansas and other breeds that are better meat producers. I emjoyed talking with her so much I picked up a 300 g skein of fingering weight yarn. I have no idea what I’ll use the yarn for, but I will be happy to have it in my stash to look at and remember the nice trip we had.

Do you buy yarn on vacation? What do you usually pick up as a souvineer?

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