WIP Wednesday

It has been a busy week, so I haven’t been knitting as much. It has also been too cold to knit on the playground, so that has cut back on my mindless knitting.

The Farmhouse Cardigan continues to grow slowly. I am almost to the point where I attach the pocket lining, so it feels like I’m making progress. I don’t love working on this project, but I think I’ll love wearing it so I keep plugging away.

I am working away on the baby sweater. The pattern I’m using is The Gift. I am not going to do the lace ribbing, because I think that is too much. A simple rib will be better for this.

I cast on a pair of Vanilla Latte socks last night. I only have a few rounds of ribbing done, but I’m hoping to make progress on these soon. I’m heading to Kansas the next two weekends, so I’m sure I’ll get some car knitting done.

What have you been working on this week? I keep wanting to knit sweaters. Is there anything you are in the mood to knit?

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