Thursday Thoughts

It was a beautiful day today, so after swim lessons we headed to the park.

The kids played for an hour before I decided I should probably think about feeding them lunch. We needed a few groceries, so we swung by Aldi to pick them up. As it was Aldi, I found something random that had to come home with me. Today it was a succulent in a sugar skull.

After a backyard picnic and some play time we headed up to Ankeny to see my niece and nephew run in a cross country meet. Audrey loved cheering on her cousins. She brought pom poms along and was ready to shout encouragement. After the race Audrey and Elliot were ready to hug Ellie and tell her congratulations. I love it when the kids get to spend time with their cousins. I also like getting to spend time with my sister.

While at the cross country meet I realized that we have spent too much time in the woods this summer. At one point Elliot walked over to pee on this tree. In the middle of the meet. Next to a busy road. I now need to get him to understand that peeing on a tree in the woods is OK, but peeing on a tree in the middle of a community college campus surrounded by hundreds of people is not OK. John and I are always commenting that Elliot acts like a drunk college kid, and I suppose this is just another example of that.

It was a beautiful fall day. I did not accomplish enough, but I’m OK with that. I did get some blocking done, and hope to show off The Weekender as soon as it is dry.

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