Another Busy Day

After my busy day with the kids on Thursday I was ready some down time. After a slow Friday I was ready to go again.

Friday night my cousin and I headed downtown to see Shawn Colvin and Mary Chapin Carpenter perform at a beautiful theater. We expected them to perform opportunity with bands, but we were happily surprised. It was two wonderful singers on stage with acoustic guitars singing their hits and songs from their favorite singer songwriters. I was blown away by their performance. One of my favorite moments is when they sang the Backstreet Boys song I Want It That Way and made it sound soulful and heartfelt. I will never thing of that song the same way again. If they are coming to your town I highly recommend you check the show out.

Saturday morning started with the Optimism Walk for the American Parkinson Disease Association. I was on a team with my friend Sarah and her daughters. Sarah lost her mother to Parkinson Disease earlier this year, and I was proud to be a member of Team Bananas walking in honor of Nancy.

After the walk John and I loaded up the stroller and dropped the kids off at his parent’s house. The two of us headed to the 60th birthday party of a friend and then walked to our neighborhood downtown to have a late lunch or early dinner (it was around 3, so I’m not sure what meal you would call it). Our usual spot wasn’t open yet, so we ate at a bar we usually don’t visit. The decor was unusual. I had never seen so many black velvet paintings. The walls were covered with them.

We have grown fond of eating really early and walking to the restaurant. Getting a nice meal in and a walk is always a good thing.

We walked back to get the kids in time for their dinner and bedtime. After they fell asleep Ivy came over for some knitting, wine, and cheese. She is almost done with her Find Your Fade and I’m plugging away on sleeve island. She brought me a present, a mug that is perfect for me.

It was a great day. I walked over 20,000 steps, which is probably why I slept until after 8 this morning (it was glorious). Today I need to be productive, and I fear knitting on sleeves is not the kind of productive I need to be.

I hope you are having a great weekend too.

6 thoughts on “Another Busy Day

  1. You two look great! I need to up my steps. Barn days usually give me near 8000 just at the barn alone. Today was less as my student was too sleepy in the car, to come in and ride. But, I got to groom my favorite horse and braid her mane. Find your Fade has been such a popular successful pattern.

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  2. What a great weekend! The performance, the APDA walk and the nice dinner with your husband – that sounds like just a perfect couple of days! And you found a great bar – very nifty decor 🙂 How was the food? Also, that is a great mug!

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