Busy Day

This morning I woke up to a text from a good friend saying he needed to reschedule our dinner tonight. It was a relief. Not because I don’t want to see him, but because I knew I would be exhausted by the end of the day. And I am. It’s all my fault, I’m the one who over-scheduled the day.

We started with swim lessons this morning. Elliot complains about having to go to swim lessons from the time he puts his suit on to the time he’s in the water. Once he is in the water he is happy. Audrey is always happy to be at swim lessons, she loves the pool.

After swim lessons I dropped the kids at the Learn and Play center so I could workout on the track. I have been working out outside all summer, but if we are at the Y for swim lessons anyway I’m going to take advantage of it.

After my workout we headed to Costco. This served two purposes: we got dog food and I didn’t have to cook the kids lunch.

After a dash through Costco and a quick stop to have a hot dog or pizza we headed to the zoo for their Zoo Tots class. Today the kids learned about grassland animals, specifically animals native to Iowa. They had a wonderful time doing a craft, making a snack, meeting a ferret, and playing a game. After the class we went to see a few of our favorite animals.

We headed home from the zoo, stopping to run an errand on the way. I’m now ready for bed and it isn’t even bedtime for the kids yet. We didn’t stop all day, and now I’m too tired to knit. Who knew that a day full of fun could be so exhausting?

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