WIP Wednesday

I have huge news. My Finishing Friday pledge has started to pay off. I am now halfway done with my Twizzler socks. I will cast on the second one tonight or tomorrow so I have swim lesson knitting ready to go tomorrow. I love how these look. They are a little tight now, which usually means they will be perfect after blocking.

I cast on The Weekender sweater at the end of last week. I hope to have it finished for Thanksgiving. That works out to about one skein of worsted weight yarn a week, which sounds totally doable. I am loving this knit – it’s mindless, but you have to think twice a row so it isn’t totally boring.

If you have been thinking about knitting a weekender you should cast one on. Alissa and Shannon are knitting weekenders too, so you would be joining a fun group. I’ll even make small project bags for everyone who finishes The Weekender before Thanksgiving (why yes, I do seriously need motivation to get back to sewing, why do you ask?).

I am in a phase where I want to knit ALL THE THINGS, so I’m doing my best to shrug off any responsibilities and obligations so I can knit instead. My house is filthy, I’ve been relying on rotisserie chicken for dinners, and I’m behind on reading, but it has been awesome.

14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. That sock looks great! Nifty pattern, and the yarn really accentuates your stitching. Looking forward to watching your Weekender progress – it is beautiful so far:)
    Go with your flow – there is plenty of time for other stuff later

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