FO Real

I did some blocking today, so now I can call my projects finished.

I had the perfect buttons for the baby sweater. I ordered buttons from GloriaPatre Spin N Knit last winter and when the package arrived they included four bonus buttons. I don’t think I could have found better buttons if I had searched for some.

I love my shawl even more than that I’ve blocked it. I didn’t take the time to take good photos of it, so please enjoy this awkward selfie of me wearing the shawl with a dress that clashes with it.

I’m off to speed knit a few more projects. I’m in the mood to knit and can’t be bothered to look at any other crafts at the moment.

In totally unrelated news Elliot can now climb trees and Audrey has a new trick for the swing set. I’m in the mood to knit, but I’m not in the mood for cold temperatures and being stuck indoors.

14 thoughts on “FO Real

  1. Button perfection. Im not in the mood to be stuck inside with mr. summer either. On the other hand, the barn is so comfy in fall. So hot in summer, so freezing all winter. Fall is best with the horses! and Wear that shawl with anything , its gorgeous and so well done

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