Coaster Party

I don’t know how you like to party on the weekend, but I like to party hard. How do I do this? By going to super fun parties, like the one I went to today. OK, it wasn’t so much a party as hanging out with my cousin and making a whole bunch of coasters.

We set up our sewing machines and got to work. my aunt was quilting in the same room, so we all had a great time talking and crafting. At the end of the afternoon I had completed all of my coasters.

First up: Halloween coasters. I started with these because it is time to decorate for Halloween.

After Halloween I moved on to Christmas. A person can never have too many Christmas coasters.

I finished up with 4th of July coasters (which will probably be used after Christmas until it is time to decorate for Halloween). For about half of the summer coasters I sewed a layer of cut up (new) waterproof mattress pad in the middle (Thank you Jamie for the great idea) along with the batting I used for the rest of the coasters. Summer is the only time my house might be warm enough to create enough condensation for a drink to sweat. For the most part I use coasters for tea or coffee, so waterproofing isn’t much of an issue for me.

It was much harder to sew with the plastic in the coasters, so I might have to break out the pinking shears and try to freshen up the edges of the summer coasters. Or I might ignore it. Only time will tell.

I feel very accomplished having finished my coasters. I am addicted and will pick up other holiday packs of fabric when I find them. I really liked that this was a craft my cousin was working on too. Normally when we craft together we are working on different crafts, and I enjoyed having a shared project a lot.

I hope you partied as hard as I did this weekend. If you did, please share what you made.

15 thoughts on “Coaster Party

  1. Jessica Riebkes says:

    I was thinking of making some makeup remover pads –do you have a fabric suggestion for something like this? will probably need to hold up because it will be washed a lot.

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