WIP Wednesday

Riding high on the thrill of finishing Whitehorse, I quickly cast on the Roxy Baby Cardigan by Erika Flory. I’m making the 24 M size, because I always make the biggest size I have the yarn for when knitting for a baby. Now that I’m on the boring body portion this will be my playground knitting.

My range shawl has grown a bit, but progress has slowed substantially. I plan on working on this in the evenings, as it is too big to travel with. I like how it is turning out.

I have several other WIPs languishing that I cannot bring myself to knit. I think I need to hold myself to Finishing Fridays until my WIP count is under control. When I have projects I don’t feel like knitting I tell myself I need to work on them on Fridays until they are done. Usually I fall back in love with the project and start working on it regularly.

How are your WIPs coming along?

23 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. The pattern on the shawl is lovely. I’m in a very strange position where I don’t have many WIPs as I’ve had to frog a jumper as it was turning out too big. I have one shawl that takes so long on each row I get disheartened by its slow progress. I think I’m going to copy your finishing Fridays too. Then at least I’ll make some progress.

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      1. I need to ween myself of dishcloths that I’m totally obsessed with finding the perfect size and pattern but nearly out of the yarn, so I’ll dig Void out this evening. It’s easily 3 months since I last knit a row on it.

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