Hamilton, MO

Yesterday I headed down to Hamilton, MO with my sister, cousin, and aunt to meet up with another cousin for a day of fabric shopping. Hamilton is home to the Missouri Star Quilt Co., a huge company that has transformed the small town of Hamilton. They have 12 quilt shops there. Each of them had things I wanted to buy. I’m so lucky they don’t have a yarn store, because the fabric kept me busy.

They have a loyalty program that allows you to earn money to spend at their shop. Whenever you spend $50 at a shop you get a charm for their charm bracelet (they give you the bracelet when you sign up for the free loyalty program). I earned two charms. After seeing all of the great fabric they have I can’t believe I didn’t get more charms. As an added bonus, I think the charms could be used for progress keepers, so I might try that.

I bought blue and green fabrics for a bag, mixed pink prints for a ruffley ridiculous outfit I think Audrey will love, and a panel with a Halloween apron on it. The best find was clearance Sheriff Callie Fabric. If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that Audrey is constantly wearing a pink cowboy hat, just like Sheriff Callie. I bought all of the Sheriff Callie fabric they had left because Audrey and Elliot will both want as many Sheriff Callie things as I can make.

When we were in the main store we did a make and take (for free, mind you, which means I love them even more). We made postcards to mail to ourselves. I didn’t mail mine, as I think it will be a great coaster.

The postcard got me thinking, and I decided I could sew together some 5 inch squares with a bit of flannel or batting in the middle and they would be the perfect size for coasters. I wouldn’t even have to finish them because I’m happy with a pinking shears finish. Once I decided I could easily make coasters I decided to go crazy. I’m going to be making Halloween, Christmas, and summer coasters soon. Don’t be surprised if you get some for Christmas.

Readers who quilt or sew: do you think flannel or batting would work to make the coaster absorbent? I don’t want things to sweat through the coaster in the summer. If you have a better idea, please share it with me.

If you quilt I highly recommend a trip to Hamilton. It is a great way to spend a day.

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