A Reminder

A few days ago I mentioned the sign I saw at the nature center in Minnesota. I loved the sign, as it is a message I try to take to heart.

I decided I needed a version for our house. I found a picture of the kids playing together and ordered a wood print off of Shutterfly.

I am disappointed that the best picture I have of the two of them playing is when they are doing something totally benign. It is especially frustrating because the day after I ordered this the kids managed to do this at the playground, and it would make a much better picture.

I’ve been trying to print off more photos, as I have a tendency to just put them on google photos and forget about them. Do you have any tips for remembering to actually print photos?

10 thoughts on “A Reminder

  1. My tip is do it within a day!! Honestly. I just made a book for my father with Walgreens coupons, and it involved a days work! I was tired and scatterbrained about everything else going on, until I got that book in the mail. SO I do things with prints ASAP. Or I start a bookmark folder on my desktop and title it : Family 2019 or Barn 2019 Or trip to Zion 2019. At least they are organized that way> I am awful about clearing out photos from my Photos though

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  2. I have a 50 page photo album and each page is a year of my life. I’m 47 now and so only a few pages left. I would recommend doing starting one up for each of your children that they can add to when they leave home. Each years’ school photos are in there but other ones too. The pages are a good size and so you can squeeze a variety of photos on. If I’d had children I would do the same. On our wedding a friend bought me a wedding anniversary book. Each page has room for one 8” x 6” photo and then space for me to write any highlights each year. Once we get to 15 years it starts skipping to big milestone anniversaries and I’ve been thinking that seems a shame as each year when I print off a new photo of us, I love looking back and reading and looking at the photos, despite the expanding waistlines, chins and grey hairs.

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  3. I make a yearbook every year and only use the photos of that year to highlight what we did together as a family. The kids love to pull out photo books and flip thru them.

    We also (by we I mean my husband did) set up the Google photos to play on our tv as a slideshow. It’s the best thing. All the photos are random and I keep being surprised by these super sweet ones of the kids. Blows my mind how quickly they have changed

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