Brioche Knitting is Tricky

It is official – I think making a loaf of brioche bread is easier than brioche knitting. That being said, I kind of love it. After tearing out my first attempt twice I added a lifeline. I’m going to continue with that for the rest of this project.

14 thoughts on “Brioche Knitting is Tricky

  1. I just tried it for the first time this afternoon, and I love it! I found a great explanation on, brioche knitting in the round, and it was demystified for me, at least the most basic part of it!

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  2. Your brioche and the rest of that shawl are looking lovely! Your yarns and all the different pattern bands really look great 🙂
    It is weird to knit, but does turn out lovely and cushy. I’m gearing up to try a brioche project with increases and decreases, which I have not yet done. So we’ll see.

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