WIP Wednesday

I’ve made some progress this week. I’m about to pick up the gusset on my second Christmas sock. These have been great socks for mindlessly knitting.

We finished watching the Tour de France yesterday, just as I was about to pick up the stitches for the gusset. Now that we’re done watching the tour these will become my playground socks once I finish the Christmas socks. I am surprised I managed to knit one pair of short socks and half of a tall sock while watching a sporting event. Next year I am going to make a tall pair or a shawl while watching.

Audrey has been asking me to make her a hat out of super bulky blue yarn. Well, she is four, so she just keeps pointing to the cake of yarn and asking me to make her a hat out of it. Today I cast on as she was getting ready to go to the zoo. She takes her time getting ready, and this is what I accomplished while she was getting dressed.

The Pattern is Big Comfy Chunky Hat, and in this photo it is inside out. I’m using Burly Spun by Brown Sheep that was leftover from the cardigan I made this winter. Audrey has requested a pompom on top, so I’ll try making one. I have a pompom maker, but they always look wonky. Elliot would like a matching hat, but I would rather not work with the yarn again so that might not happen.

Meanwhile, I want to cast on ALL THE THINGS. I broke my yarn diet and bought a sweater kit. I also pulled some yarn out of my stash to start a Whitehorse sweater. Then the sweater kit arrived and I had selected a different color for one of the contrast colors than I thought, so I went on to order the correct skein and I ended up buying yarn for another sweater. I don’t know the pattern I will use, I just liked the yarn and it was on sale. So, with any luck I’ll knit my way out of the hole before 2020, but it doesn’t seem likely, as I spend most of my time knitting socks and scrap blankets.

Please send any speed knitting ideas my way so I can knit my way out of my yarn diet hole.

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. The socks and hat are great!! Do you find that the super bulky yarn and big needles bother your hands or wrists? I’ve given up anything bigger than worsted weight or a size 8 needle because my wrists ache even with rest between rows.
    The only way I know to get more knitting time (I can’t seem to get faster no matter what I do) is to forgo sleeps I do not recommend it:(

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    1. I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and start casting on like mad. Some of them will go into hibernation, but I am telling myself I’ll be pleased that they were started when I pick them up to get working on them again.

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  2. Your socks and the new hat look great! I love the Christmas socks – very festive! That is a lovely sweater kit – what colors are you doing it in? As far as speedy knitting, if you are on bluprint, they have a couple classes on speedier knitting techniques. I am right there with you on casting on all the things for sure 🙂

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