Sew Much Fun

I had an appointment today, so my in-laws watched the kids. They offered to take the kids all day so I could get a few things done. I was hoping to clean my house. I was hoping to go for a run. I was hoping to run to the store to buy mulch. I did none of that.

I was productive, just not in the way I intended to be. My MIL lent me her serger again (seriously, she takes the kids all day and lends me a really nice serger, how great is she?). I wanted to make sure I still remembered how to use the serger, so I ran to the store to get fabric for a dress. Then I made myself that dress. It’s a Halloween dress that glows in the dark (my life is pretty awesome).

It is not exactly flattering, but I don’t mind. It feels like I’m wearing incredibly comfortable pajamas when I wear it, so come October 1 this is all I will be wearing.

While at the fabric store I found some camel fabric. Obviously I needed to make a pair of camel shorts for Elliot.

I couldn’t just make shorts for Elliot. I also needed to make a pair for Audrey, so I picked up some unicorn fabric I new she would love.

I picked up fabric for a couple of other project this morning too. My plan is to avoid the fabric store until September 14 when I head out on a girls trip to Missouri to go fabric shopping. Wish me luck.

18 thoughts on “Sew Much Fun

  1. OMG – more fabulous outfits! That is an awesome dress and you are awesome for making it! It has skulls on it AND it glows in the dark! I would basically never wear anything.
    And your kids’ shorts are so cute šŸ™‚ They must be thrilled with them!

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