Two more things….

The kids and I headed to a family reunion this weekend. On Thursday night, when I should have been packing, I decided to do a bit more sewing.

I made Elliot a pair of shorts from the fabric he picked out on our last trip to the fabric store. He wanted monster truck shorts. He told me he wants to show a monster truck his shorts the next time he sees one. When I went to take his picture he insisted on having his suitcase in the picture with him. He was very serious about the whole thing.

I also made Audrey a dress out of a pre-smocked fabric. It was about 15 minutes of sewing. I think I should make myself a long version, as I think it would be incredibly comfortable.

Since leaving for the reunion I’ve sewed nothing and knit only a few stitches. It’s cooled off here now, so I’m hoping to get a lot of knitting done tonight. If I can stay awake. We’ve had a busy few days spending time with cousins. It was wonderful, but I could now sleep for days.

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