The 100 Day Project Recap

I mentioned 101 days ago that I was going to do the 100 Day Project again this year. Last year I blogged every day for 100 days. This year I took it easy – I wrote down 3 things I was proud of every day.

It was nice on hard days to remember that I did things that were worth being proud of. It was nice on busy fun days to remember that I was doing things that I should be proud of. It wasn’t easy. Several days I wrote down that I ate vegetables, because there wasn’t much I could think of to be proud of that day.

In the end, writing down three things has made me feel better about myself, and more confident in the life I choose to lead. I am going to continue the practice of writing down three things I’m proud of every night. It has become a nice way to reflect at the end of the day.

In totally unrelated news: the kids both got haircuts today and now they look like big kids. Audrey no longer has hair long enough for a ponytail. Elliot has the hair of a high school boy. Their haircuts suit our outdoorsy lifestyle in the summer, but it is still hard to see them looking so grown up.

Now I’m off to quickly knit a camel hat to cover Elliot’s big kid hair….

5 thoughts on “The 100 Day Project Recap

  1. It’s always surprising how something as simple as a haircut can change how someone looks. My son (age 16) is growing his hair long after years of really short hair with just a bit long on top. It makes him look taller, or maybe he’s grown. The way he eats it could be growing again.

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