Sock It To Me Monday

I finished Mary-Claire’s Rose City Rollers. I like how they turned out. Now I just need to get them sent off to her. I wish I was heading to Chicago this summer, it would be nice to be able to hand them off in person.

On the 4th of July I decided to cast on a quick project with the sport weigh yarn I picked up at the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival. I decided to go with Diana’s Hat from Green Gables Knits. It’s a simple hat that will work well as a back up hat to keep around for the times when I can’t find one of my good hats. It is a fine hat, it’s just boring. The farm yarn I used knit up beautifully. I lost the label, but I think it was a 80% Cormo/20% Tencel blend.

This hat is boring and generic.

My plan is to start a pair of socks for my travel project and a project for knitting after the kids are in bed that I can actually focus on. I don’t have any yarn wound or pattern ideas in mind, but until then I could just pick up one of the many projects currently hibernating in my knitting basket.

7 thoughts on “Sock It To Me Monday

  1. That is a very nice hat, although I tend to like “boring” knitting. Also you have very pretty brown eyes. Is that weird to say? I haven’t finished my coffee yet this morning so I’m not sure.

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