skinnytaste Week 26

This week I made Cobb Salad in a Jar with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. I love Cobb salad, so I was very excited about this salad.

Not pictured is the avocado, which is added right before you eat the salad.

This salad was incredibly disappointing. It was bland. The dressing coated all of the delicious bits of food with what can only be described as a flavor suppressor. I ended up skipping the avocado after the first day because it added nothing to the salad and felt like a waste of a tasty avocado. I also learned to salt this salad. I’ve never added salt to a salad in my life. This salad had bacon and blue cheese, yet it needed salt to be palatable.

In short, don’t make this salad if you like Cobb salad.

4 thoughts on “skinnytaste Week 26

  1. How disappointing. I have learned that salt and pepper do add to the flavor of a salad. I’ve also rubbed a cut garlic clove on the inside of the bowl when making a salad to go with Italian food. If the salad is made up in the morning it will have a nice hint of garlic:)

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