I love BINGO. I love spending time with friends. I love slushy boozy punch. Yesterday all of those things converged at the best party I’ve been to in years.

I played BINGO. I drank punch. I ate the most delicious monster cookies I’ve ever had. I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in months.

John was one of the first winners and picked the Miss Babs yarn pictured above (Yummy 2-ply in the Mad Hatter Colorway) as his prize. I was not subtle about how important it was for him to pick that prize if he were to win a BINGO before me. He’s a good husband.

I won a small travel coffee mug, which is the perfect size for the limited amount of coffee I can drink in a day (no caffeine after 10 am, no more than 2 cups or I can’t sleep).

My friend says she is going to throw another BINGO party this fall. I can’t wait.

What is the best party you have ever been to?

11 thoughts on “BINGO!

  1. That’s a great question! I love your yarn score!!! Some memorable parties were ones that were held outside! We had a bunch of friends of our kids friends up to this house after we moved. Had a bbq and big campfire later. It was awesome. Zach played the guitar.

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  2. How fun! Maybe I will see if my friends want to have a bingo party. I’m old so I can’t remember very many parties, but I had a fun fire pit margaritas and tacos party for my birthday last week. Of course, it was fun because I love hanging out with my friends.

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    1. It was amazing. I did take it a little seriously and probably would have stabbed someone who took the yarn I wanted, but luckily John was a fast winner. After the yarn was in hand I was much more sportsmanlike.

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