skinnytaste Week 20

It has been beautiful here this week. It’s starting to feel like summer. We were able to eat outside after grilling, something it has been too cold to do until now. For the BBQ I made Instant Pot Brown Sugar Baked Beans.

These beans were really easy. The hardest thing to do when making these was chopping an onion. The flavor was close to canned baked beans, but they are much lower in sugar. I loved them. I’ll be making them again, opting to use all great northern beans instead of a mix of three kinds of beans; I liked the variety, but John wants them to look more like baked beans (he’s 40 going on 4).

If you like baked beans you should make these. The recipe also has directions for a crock pot, which I might do if we go to a potluck. I’m now going to go heat up some leftover beans. Yum.

3 thoughts on “skinnytaste Week 20

  1. My family always wants me to bring the beans ! I make them the day before. Sometimes though, I cheat. Buy them at the deli counter and just add my own sausage or meat or celery or grilled onions. Everyone loves the grilled onion rings….

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