skinnytaste Week 18

This week I made 3-Bean Turkey Chili in the pressure cooker. This was less of a “let me look at the website and my cookbooks and find something that looks good” recipe and more of a “oh crap, I need to feed the kids dinner in an hour what the heck do I have in the house to cook” kind of recipe.

This chili is good. Is it as good as John’s chili? No (but nothing comes close to his amazing chili). This is quick, healthy chili. I almost always have the ingredients on hand, so this will go into my recipe stash for quick dinners from the pantry (it’s so cute that I call it a pantry, it’s really one shelf in the kitchen and a bookshelf of staples in the basement. Our house is so freaking small).

I’m pretty sure we will have this at least once a month next winter. The more I use the multi cooker the more I like it. I’ve gone from thinking of it as an expensive hard boiled egg maker to thinking of it as an appliance that is almost as lovely as my crock pot.

When I make this again I’m going to add a bag of frozen corn in. I will increase the spices. I might add some shredded carrots too (when we buy them at Costco I look for any way to use them up).

What do you like to add to your chili? What are your favorite chili toppings?

6 thoughts on “skinnytaste Week 18

  1. Sounds like a good basic chili recipe – healthy is always a bonus 🙂 We have a couple different recipes for chili – mostly featuring ground beef and beans, though I do have a few with beef chunks. Usually I like raw onions and shredded cheese on top.

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