Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Elliot’s birthday with family. The big guy turned three on the 14th, so we gathered our families together to celebrate. I spent all of Friday preparing and I feel like I need a recovery day.

We have the party at my sister’s house (our house is a glorified tiny home). I’m lucky to have a sister that is willing to open her home for us to use as a party location.img9584094303276741471960624.jpg

We don’t throw fancy parties. There is egg bake, fruit, and cake (of course). The best part of the party is being with family. I am thankful that my kids are blessed with so many people who love them.

Elliot was very much a three-year-old at the party. At times adorable. At times screaming. One of my favorite parts of the party was when he stopped opening presents to clean up the mess with his new cleaning set (I never remember to dust, maybe he will?).

He wanted a red James cake (James is one of Thomas the Train’s friends). He wanted red cake and red frosting. I made a red velvet cake (recipe from Cooks Country, I highly recommend the recipe). Instead of subjecting our families to red frosting I put red edible glitter on the cake, which he was happy with. I topped the cake with a James train (an actual James, not the plain red train he had been calling James).

It was a great birthday party. I am happy we could celebrate Elliot. I’m also happy I don’t have to throw another birthday party for six months.

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