Finished Object: Slipper Socks

I finished Audrey’s slipper socks. She is a big fan. She doesn’t have the hang of sock modeling yet.20190412_1852433809006803645988040.jpgBut she did insist on taking a picture of the socks herself. 20190412_1853054304210108449137947.jpg

I finally convinced her to stand still so I could take a picture.20190412_1852381397308340706260430.jpg

I think they will be cozy and fun. I would make myself a pair if I could stomach the thought of making socks that tall for myself.

5 thoughts on “Finished Object: Slipper Socks

  1. Great slipper socks! They are fit for a princess:)
    Have you considered knitting some for yourself with sport or worsted weight yarn? I knit my husband (he wears a 10 or 11 super wide shoe) worsted weight bed socks. He loved them!

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