WIP Wednesday

I am ever so slowly making progress on my sweater button band. I’m past the button holes, so I’m getting close. The rows take a long time and the sweater is huge and awkward to work with, so I’ve been avoiding working on it. 20190410_1444488050085804356508407.jpg

I’m making knee-high slipper socks for Audrey. I’m using Cascade 220 that she picked out when we visited the yarn store.  I’m not worried about her walking through a pair of slipper socks before she grows out of them, only because I’m  pretty sure I’ll accidentally felt them before that happens.

I’m very loosely using the Basic Sock pattern from Sweaterscapes. I changed the heel to my normal heel, ribbed the top of the foot, and didn’t even look at the directions for the toe. Audrey loves them and can’t wait to wear them. I’m looking forward to finishing this project because I have a skein wound and ready to go to make myself some socks next. 20190410_1443465472141720597454433.jpg

It’s a cold and windy day here. I might use that as an excuse to spend the afternoon knitting instead of cleaning. I hope you are enjoying your week.

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