Cut Off

I’m done making skirts. I don’t need another one. I have plenty to keep me looking quirky all summer long.

Today I made a Captain Marvel skirt and a Cubs skirt. It’s opening day, so I thought I should celebrate by sewing at nap time.

I like how the Captain Marvel skirt doesn’t look like superhero fabric, it just looks like a nice print. It is only upon closer inspection you see how amazing it is. The Cubs skirt is my favorite skirt I’ve made. I think it will be great at the ball park this summer (the Cubs Triple A team is based in Des Moines).

Both skirts are knit, which means wearing them is like wearing pajamas. I used the serger for all but the bottom hem of each skirt. I know there is a way to that on the serger, but I don’t want to change the settings on my mother-in-laws machine and not be able to get it back.

I have fabric for two more projects, but I don’t think I’ll be sewing again for a while. I over did it this week, and I miss knitting.

4 thoughts on “Cut Off

  1. Those are so pretty and so cool! You’re right, the Cap fabric doesn’t look like superhero fabric at all – just like a pretty pattern. But you know how awesome it is! Feeling like pajamas is the ultimate bonus too πŸ™‚

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