Springtime Skirts

So, you know how I’m always telling you I don’t really like sewing? And how I don’t do it often? I might be a liar.

My in-laws are on vacation this week, and my mother-in-law let me borrow her serger while they are out-of-town. I wanted to check it out and maybe sew a few things.

I went over to her house to pick up the machine and get a quick lesson. I knew nothing about sergers. After 5 minutes of learning about it I was terrified of it. I also really wanted to use it.

I decided to start with a few easy skirts and found a pattern that seemed simple. I was able to cut the pattern out while the kids had some quiet time. After they were tucked in for the night I started sewing. In less than a half hour I was ready to sew the hem.

For that I needed my regular sewing machine. I got it out, set it up, and tried to get to work. It did not go well.


Maybe it isn’t that I don’t like sewing. Maybe sewing doesn’t like me.

Luckily my friend lives across the street and has a walking foot. I was able to pop over, use her sewing machine, and get some great project advice. Even with the zig zag atrocity that was caused by my sewing machine I was able to make a skirt in an hour.

After the success of one skirt I did the only logical thing. I made a second skirt today. Do I need a skirt with unicorns or popsicles on it? Of course not. Will I wear them all summer and feel awesome about my mad sewing skills? Of course.

I hope to make a few more things before my in-laws head back into town. I’m thinking about making a Cubs maxi skirt (baseball season is around the corner) and an Avengers skirt (Avengers: End Game is out next month).

Yes, I might be crazy.

9 thoughts on “Springtime Skirts

  1. I think you absolutely do need a skirt with unicorns on it and also one with popsicles! They turned out adorable! Can’t wait to see your other planned skirts too. I am also a Marvel girl, and think an Avengers skirt is also an awesome idea 🙂 You definitely have mad sewing skills and a wonderful sense of style!

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