Easy Fancy Breakfast

A few years ago my friend Sarah told me that when she was growing up her mom used to warm up peanut butter and syrup for peanut butter syrup for pancakes. I was intrigued, but forgot about it every breakfast time.

Today was different. I remembered to give it a try. Instead of pancakes, I made French toast and cut the slices into strips. I made a dip out of warm peanut butter and syrup. It was delicious and easy. It was such a hit I’ll be making it again soon. 20190322_091525

To make it I put peanut butter in a bowl, microwaved it until it was easy to stir, and added enough maple syrup for it to be dippable. I used real maple syrup and natural peanut butter, but if you are more of a Skippy and Aunt Jemima household those would work too (they would probably be easier to make into a sauce, actually).

Have you ever tried peanut butter and syrup together? Do you have any other peanut butter hacks?

11 thoughts on “Easy Fancy Breakfast

  1. I have not tried that combination, but it sounds really good! The only peanut butter hack I have is I have a recipe for a sort of Thai-flavored peanut butter spread – you mix cilantro and soy sauce and mae ploy or sriracha and scallions and all kinds of other stuff in. It tastes pretty good, if you like Thai food.

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  2. Olivia says:

    My kids grew up with Bacon Waffles. They were a special treat. Waffles scratch made with bacon first cooked in the waffle iron a bit then batter added. The bacon goes to the center and the oil from the bacon makes them amazing. They ALWAYS had peanut butter and maple syrup over them. To this day I make it for their families on thanksgiving morning every year.

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